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Bondage Harness Taking Fashion By Storm

Range is the spice of life – or so they say. However, experimentation is certainly the gadget that keeps the spice in the bedroom. All of us know this. However putting it into practise after many years of, well, the usual practised, successful manoeuvres, is a bit more challenging.

Early on in a relationship it’s easy to introduce the new, as you’re simply finding out about exactly what makes the other individual tick. Yet after a couple of years of predictable and (ideally) efficient intermediaries, it’s potentially time to develop a newly found self-confidence. One thing to consider when preparing your next move is the common prejudgment that bondage is one-sided; it interest both sexes. As soon as you feel totally at ease with that reality (and, of course, your partner) why not radiate a sense of dominance with as much bondage as you’re comfortable with – whether that be enactment or just your choice of bondage harness?

Paddles, masks and leather accessories

The first thing you consider when it concerns chains is a dominatrix. And whether you think this is a favorable or negative undertone, possibly a little bit (if you’re a bit nervous) never did anybody any damage. Start little and develop – if you dare. Leather and suede are luxurious products to select when picking accessories; plus they feel terrific versus the skin.

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Ties, bindings and restraint

Have some major enjoyable selecting some outfits: there are some fantastic body-clinching flexible pieces or in rubber if you can stand the heat. Think about the visual aspect of what you’re proposing; intriguing lingerie which is designed to make the observer unable to control their desire is an outright must. With this power you can then introduce leather cuffs or satin elastic ribbon to bind your male into any position you both fancy. Look into buckles, belts, stockings and lacing for your clothes – highlight your derriere or bust and synch because waist.

Delighting discomfort – sensory overload

It does not have to make you weep, just a tingle or sting; we’ve all heard the phrase ‘slap and tickle’ let’s put it into practise. Unapologetic sexuality by covering rather a lot of your body in lingerie which includes leather, latex or whatever material feels sensuous to you, can contribute to the night in several ways. First of all, you’ll look extraordinary, secondly, a bit of ‘slap’ will sound even much better against the outfit and thirdly, it’ll feel wonderful. Also, latex is probably the most figure-smoothing, flattering, fun material you can own in your underwear closet. And yes, you will have a full, sensual, intriguing collection of underwear as soon as you begin being a bit more daring.

Imogen Croft is a copywriter and online marketer who likes her lingerie. From silk stockings and suspenders to basques and bodices, for her it’s as much a passion as a profession.